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The Braves farm system continues to receive poor reviews — falls 14 spots in ESPN’s 2022 rankings

The Braves farm system continues to receive poor reviews — falls 14 spots in ESPN’s 2022 rankings

Friday, February 18, 2022

-Clint Manry

Welp, the unfortunate slide just continues for the Braves minor league system. According to ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel, Atlanta’s farm system ranks 27th in all of baseball, a whopping 14 spots back from 2021, when the former FanGraphs writer had the organization at no. 1`3.

Here’s what McDaniel had to say about the Braves system on Friday…

The Braves had a lack of lower-minors depth because of international sanctions that have since been lifted and they’ve now signed two classes headlined by seven-figure bonuses, along with having a deal in place for one of the top talents in the 2023 signing class — if they manage to avoid having that dissolved due to a draft. The big league team, through trades (Alex Jackson, Bryse Wilson, Bryce Ball, Ricky DeVito) and graduations (Ian Anderson), is also borrowing heartily from the system, and the Braves are regularly picking in the back half of the draft. Center fielder Michael Harris is the big find from the new regime’s draft efforts, but it takes masterful execution to have a top-half-of-the-league farm system while also running a perennial contender that’s not spending to the luxury tax threshold.”

Honestly, I’m at a lost. I do not understand why sites are so damn low on the Braves farm system. I guess, because the big league team is coming off a World Series, that just has to mean the prospects have suffered. Sure, trading Alex Jackson, Bryse Wilson, Bryce Ball and Ricky DeVito wasn’t nothing, but if you look at each of those deals, they all made sense for Atlanta in 2021, not to mention it helped them improve in general.

On top of that, the Braves had an outstanding 2021 MLB Draft, adding guys like Ryan Cusick, Spencer Schwellenbach, Cal Conley, Dylan Dodd and many more.

How can you rank this system third from last?

Regardless, the fact is… we should’ve seen this coming. Earlier, McDaniel only ranked two Braves in the top 100, with only 10 prospects ranked higher than a 40 FV. At least the guy is consistent when it comes to shitting on the Atlanta prospect class.

Oh well. I don’t know how much one should put into such rankings at this point. The Braves are the reigning champs for crying out loud. However, I am amazed at how low folks are on this organization from a prospect standpoint. I certainly think it’s going to surprise some folks in 2022 and beyond.

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