2021 MLB Draft Signings: The Braves sign Cal Conley and Spencer Schwellenbach

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

-Clint Manry

Unfortunately the busiest period of the year for me career-wise has come at the worst possible time as I haven’t been able to dive into the Braves 2021 MLB Draft as much as I usually like to. Therefore I’m a bit behind when it comes to any signing updates. However, places like Talking Chop — who, by the way, do an incredible job covering the draft — luckily stay on top of things. 

With both Cal Conley and Spencer Schwellenbach signing yesterday, the Braves have now signed 13 of its 20 draft picks.

1Ryan Cusick (RHP)$2.7M
2Spencer Schwellenback (RHP)$1M
3Dylan Dodd (LHP)$122.5K
4Cal Conley (SS)$422.5K
5Luke Waddell (SS)$247.5K
9 Liam McGill (C)$7,500
10Dylan Spain (RHP)$17.5K
11Adam Shoemaker (LHP)$480K
12Andrew Hoffman (RHP)$125K
13Adam Zebrowski (C)$125K
14Caleb Durbin (SS)???
15Christian Robinson (OF)$125K
17Tyler Tolve (C)$125K
18Austin Smith (RHP)$80K
Table is compiled straight from Talking Chop’s 2021 Draft Tracker

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