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Braves 2021 MLB Draft Tracker

Braves 2021 MLB Draft Tracker

Monday, July 12, 2021

-Clint Manry


1Ryan Cusick (RHP)
2Spencer Schwellenbach (RHP/SS)
3Dylan Dodd (LHP)
4Cal Conley (SS)
5Luke Waddell (SS)
6Justyn-Henry Malloy (3B)
7AJ Smith-Shawver (RHP)
8Tyler Collins (OF)
9Liam McGill (C)
10Dylan Spain (RHP)
11Adam Shoemaker (LHP)
12Andrew Hoffman (RHP)
13Adam Zebrowski (C)
14Caleb Durbin (SS)
15Christian Robinson (OF)
16Kris Anglin (LHP)
17Tyler Tolve (C)
18Austin Smith (RHP)
19 Samuel Strickland (LHP)
20Ty Evans (OF)

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